One for Leedy

ANOTHER big development is in the pipeline for Leederville.

An eight-storey, 52-unit block is planned for 194-200 Carr Place, with four lots to be amalgamated for the $17 million project.

Vincent council staff are dead keen, recommending the Development Assessment Panel (with two councillors and three state government appointed members) approve it at the March 13 meeting despite some elements being outside the council’s planning rules.

• Hillam Architects’ plan for 194-200 Carr Place, prepared for owner Hanrise Pty Ltd.

Owner Hanrise Pty Ltd initially planned a slightly bulkier development last year, which was rejected by those who made submissions over its bulk, limited setbacks, lack of greenery and traffic woes.

Some of those were addressed in the re-design (the upper storeys got a slight trim to appear less opposing, front and rear setbacks were added, and privacy screening will be installed). But the landscaping got even more barebones, with the number of proposed trees dropping from 57 – 19. A mature tree with a canopy of 9.9m will be removed, and one “medium tree” will be planted.

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