Owners say they weren’t informed

ALONG with the two town centres, a split council also voted to apply heritage classifications to dozens of individual properties.

Those rated category 1, 2 or 3 are added to the official “Heritage List” in the town planning scheme and need planning approval to make changes. Category 4 and 5 are included in a “survey” with a note calling for heritage to be recognised and interpreted “if possible”.

Deputy mayor Filomena Piffaretti said there were problems with an unnamed consultant’s report and she couldn’t support its recommendations.

“We do not have an accurate report. The quality of the external consultant’s report is very lacking…it’s not robust enough,” she told the February 25 meeting.

Many owners affected by listings complained of not being alerted, while some disagreed with the report’s findings.

“I also do not feel comfortable supporting the inclusion of private residential properties where the owners are not supportive of this and have demonstrated that there are inaccuracies specifically with their properties assessment in the report,” Cr Piffaretti said.

Bayswater City Soccer Club president Gerry Maio said he wasn’t aware their home ground Frank Drago reserve was proposed to have its listing upgraded from category 5 to category 3, which would put it on the official heritage list and calls for the clubhouse’s original fabric to be retained.

“When I got a phone call this afternoon telling me this situation was happening, I couldn’t believe it,” Mr Maio said.


“It’s just ridiculous, but the most important thing for me was the secrecy of not telling us, not warning us what this council’s…intentions were. For me, I feel very disappointed.”

Cr Piffaretti said she was astounded the club didn’t know given they’d been working with city officers on a multi-million dollar redevelopment.

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