Good Kosmic vibes

BAYSWATER mayor Dan Bull – who previously toured with Eskimo Joe and other high-profile WA bands – is delighted Kosmic Sound has been rescued and will live on.

Last month the family-owned Perth music store went into liquidation after more than 50 years in business, but it’s now been acquired by the South Australian Cleves family, who own Australian Piano Warehouse in North Perth and were behind the recent revival of Billy Hyde Music in the eastern states. 

Cr Bull, who also played piano with The Sleepy Jackson and End of Fashion, says he bought two keyboards from Kosmic back in the day.

“Instruments are like clothes and you really need to go to the shop and see what fits you. Especially guitars – the wood on each one creates a unique sound,” he says.

“Most of the guys that work in the shops are gigging musos as well, so you get to pick their minds about what models are reliable and work well in a live situation.

“Music shops like Kosmic are still important hubs for local musos and I’m glad it’s going to live on in some form.”

• Dan Bull with his axe in Bayswater. File photo

Michael Cleves, managing director of Dale Cleves Music Group, says he admired what Kosmic’s previous owner John Goldsmith achieved.

“It’s been a family business all this time, and it will still be part of a family business so there’ll be real people in control rather than a faceless corporation,” he says.

“That was really important to me. There’s a couple of those sorts of businesses around at the moment and that’s not what Kosmic has ever been about. 

“We’re a third generation music family that’s been in the business since the 60s. We care about people. And we love music. Customers can smell a lack of authenticity a mile away, especially musos.”

Mr Cleves says Kosmic will now be part of a larger group that will provide a better service to local musos and online customers in the eastern states.

He expects that Kosmic will be back up and running at the same location on Hector Street West in Osborne Park by late March.

There’s still some details to be worked out before the reopening but the staff will be a mix of old and new faces.

After the announcement Kosmic’s social media was peppered by questions from a few people who had outstanding orders that did not get delivered when the business closed, including some very late Christmas presents.

They’re likely out of luck: A representative from Cleves told them the payments went to the old business, and they didn’t have the money or even the details of the orders. The liquidation means a lot of other creditors are in line to be paid off before customers with orders would get a look in.

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