Spicy gem

DOSA is to Indians what bacon and eggs are to the English – breakfast. 

Not all Indian restaurants serve dosa after 11am, so I was delighted that Mela Sweets and Eats was serving my all time favourite masala version ($16) for lunch.

My mouth watered as the enormous pancake was placed before me; the glorious coriander and curry leaf aromas wafting in a tantalising cloud of steam.

The paper-thin lentil and rice flour pancake was crispy with a pleasant, not-too-spicy potato filling. 

Mela is sanskrit for festival or gathering, and this Mela certainly had a large gathering of Indian diners tucking into their thali (a small platter of mixed dishes).  

Chilli punch

The restaurant does vegetarian ($19.99) and meat ($22.99) thali, and unusually a seafood one ($25.99).

With a long day ahead of me, takeaway for dinner seemed a good idea, so I ordered a fish masala ($27), a dum aloo ($15.99) and a garlic naan ($5).

Gobi aloo is my usual go-to vegetable dish, but the dum aloo was a pleasant surprise.

Big chunks of soft potato were smothered in a rich and creamy cashew curry.

The fish masala was cooked with onions, capsicums and tomato, and was a hit in more ways than one – the chilli punch bringing tears to my eyes – but it was so delicious we couldn’t stop eating. The chewy naan was perfect for mopping up any remaining sauce, and there was enough left overs for lunch the next day.

Mela’s Indian sweets are made in-house with real milk, and the eatery supplies a number of Indian restaurants around Perth.

Mela has been the official caterer for the Indian consulate in Perth for the past six years, and is the only approved Indian caterer at government house.


Mela Sweets and Eats
428 William Street,

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