Best Italian ever

JUST as I discovered one of the best Italian restaurants in Perth, a nasty little virus came along and ruined everything.

But don’t worry, Luckily Trattoria Ilaria is cranking up its takeaway service with a discounted menu.

The D’Angers enjoyed a memorable meal there a couple of weeks ago.

We were heading to a film festival and the staff’s efficient service ensured we weren’t late.

An order of bread and a particularly rich and fruity olive oil ($6) got the ball rolling.

Whitebait is one of D’Angerous Dave’s favourites, so he was stoked to discover them on the menu ($12 entree). 

He added a roast mushroom ($17) to pad out his meal and was in seventh heaven.

He said the tiny fish were crunchy and sweet, and the field mushroom – with a generous dollop of buffalo mozzarella – was meaty and delicious. 

Previously I’ve been underwhelmed by buffalo mozzarella, but this imported Italian cheese was soft, creamy and delicious.

The rest of our party ordered pasta.

My brother’s rigatoni meatballs ($23) were swimming in a rich tomato sauce, and he said the port and beef balls were packed with flavour.

My sister-in-law Sally’s reverential pauses became “oohs” and “aahs” as she tucked into a spaghetti broccoli with crispy pancetta ($23).

“I’m coming back here,” 

she sighed as the last morsel disappeared.

I was busy mopping up the residue of a particularly fine gnocchi ($24) – the sharp tomato sauce perfectly complementing the crunchy asparagus.

The service was so quick we had time for dessert – tiramisu ($14), chocolate cake ($12) and baileys affogato ($14).

They were all fantastic and Sally was blown away by her first ever affogato (a scoop of ice cream “drowned” with a shot of hot espresso).

Check out Trattoria Ilaria’s take-away menu at http://www.ilaria. 

Your support of local businesses and jobs will be amply rewarded with some truly great Italian food.

Trattoria Ilaria
Monday–Saturday from 5pm 6162 9406 

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