Lego goes local

Grace’s “Shopping for toilet paper” won the 4-8yo category.

MANY Aussies are missing the pub right now, but few long for their local like Lego-smith Sonia Hills.

The North Perth resident’s blocky recreation of the Rosemount Hotel has won first place in the grown-up category of a boredom-busting Lego competition run by state Perth MP John Carey.

With the Rosie closed, Ms Hills recreated the good times of “friends meeting up for a meal or a beer, playing pool, and enjoying the tunes DJ Holly Doll is spinning”. 

Everything’s in the right spot, from a frantic chef pumping out pizzas in the kitchen, to the DJ’s nook overseeing the alfresco. 

Sonia Hills’ Rosemount recreation won the adult category.

“I’ve spent a lot of time at that pub,” Ms Hills says of her uncanny recall.

She used to play with Lego as a youngster and dug out her kids’ collection for the comp.

“My kids were watching over my shoulder and said ‘the pool table doesn’t quite go there!’ and I said ‘we’re taking a bit of artistic licence with this one’.

“I got a bit engrossed in it. It was going to be a bit smaller than that but I got a bit obsessed with it. My son found me hunched over it at midnight and said ‘go to bed!’

“I’ve still got it made, I can’t bring myself to take it apart.”

To pad out the crowd, a few unorthodox figures had to be used like a spaceman and a mummy.

“And there’s an elf in there,” but Ms Hills says it’s not too farfetched. “Any given Saturday at the Rosie you can see some pretty interesting types.”

While the Rosie caught our bar-starved imagination, the main show was the three kids’ categories.

One of the youngest entries caught the Covid zeitgest, with seven-year-old Grace winning her category for “Shopping for Toilet Paper,” with the little figures observing social distancing outside a store while watching a shopper haul away a wheelbarrow full of rolls. 

Mr Carey says his office has focused on reaching out to isolated seniors during the pandemic, so the competition was intended to give kids something to do while stuck at home.

“We got over 200 entries, and a lot of parents thanking me for keeping the kids occupied,” Mr Carey says.


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