Concerts reviewed

OUTDOOR concerts are being reviewed in Perth’s CBD to determine whether people are still happy with the number being held.

Under state laws, outdoor venues such as parks can only have two loudish concerts per year unless the local council CEO is satisfied extra ones aren’t too disruptive to neighbours.

Perth council’s survey is looking at the impact of events at Langley Park, Ozone Park, Russell Square, Supreme Court Gardens, and Wellington Square.

There’s been scores of responses so far, with a couple of people saying public holiday events were a problem because there was no one at the council to complain to.

Wellington Square’s been contentious so far, roughly split between those supporting extra events and residents fearing more sleepless nights and disruptions.

One comment said daytime festivals at Wellington are fine; “but the noise levels at night make it impossible to put my young child to sleep. The two-day event over New Years Eve 2020 was a nightmare”.

Another said “my baby was crying for three days in this New Year!”


Others called the events “stressful” and said Langley Park was a better fit because it wasn’t surrounded by so many residents.

The survey’s up at au until June 3.

Outdoor events were flagged as the loudest when the state government was looking into laws protecting music venues against noise complaints. Those are still in the works, with months of consultation being compiled into a recommendation that’ll be put to the state environment minister Stephen Dawson.


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