Credit checks 

AFTER decades of being in breach of state regulations, City of Perth executives will now have to show credit card statements to councillors.

Most councils publish corporate credit card statements in publicly-available agendas, but at Perth they’ll only be available to councillors or members of the public who request to see them.

Perth has 25 staff with credit cards for swift and convenient payment of job-related needs like pencils, notepads, and $1,000 conference tickets.

An internal audit of the city’s credit card policy has now been made public. It didn’t find any evidence of suspicious spendings, but the lack of transparency made it a “medium” level risk. The audit said “regular detailed review of all payments can help identify unusual card use”.

Not providing the statements to councillors is a clear breach of the Local Government Regulations in place since 1996. In 2018 an auditor general report into the issue said all payments, including corporate credit card payments should be seen by council on a monthly basis.

But the risk of credit card misuse didn’t get a look-in at the City of Perth inquiry hearings, eclipsed by actual reimbursement misuse.

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