Thanks felt inside

Hand-painted cards prepared for those at the healthcare frontlines.

PERTH’S en plain air painters have used their time stuck indoors to come up with a great way to say “thanks” to WA’s frontline Covid-19 workers.

En Plein Air Perth members have traditionally gathered to paint in the great outdoors each Monday, but since the shut down, social distancing rules have prevented them meeting.

EPAP member Sue Hibbert said while forced to sit around at home, her thoughts turned to the nurses, doctors and other frontline workers putting themselves at risk to keep everyone else safe.


“I’m not a nurse, I’m not a doctor; I’m thinking, ‘what on earth can I do?’,” Ms Hibbert said.

“I thought, how about we paint cards for the Covid workers, and we’ll just put messages inside them saying thank you very much, messages of gratitude”.

The painters were due to collect all the cards on Friday, with hundreds to be handed over to hospitals and clinics this week.

Ms Hibbert, who teaches watercolour painting at the Beaufort Street Community Centre, says the project turned out to be a good way to keep in touch with students and other EPAP members, using their Whatsapp group to share source photos and ideas.

“It kept us all connected while we’re in lockdown, and kept us painting,” Ms Hibbert says. “We felt like it was doing a lot for us, as well as at the end of it we’ve got these lovely hand-painted cards we can give out.”

En Plein Air Perth painter Sue Hibbert.

Some have painted what they can see from lockdown, others have painted what they miss.s

“Some people have done [indoor scenes], some people have painted from trips they’ve done overseas … and also local scenes: Some of Rottnest Island, the beach, birds, sunsets.”

EPAP was planning an exhibition of members’ work later in the year, but it too has been delayed due to uncertainties stemming from coronavirus


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