Leedy to get ‘uplift’ 

Renders of the plans, which open up a new breezy entry to the northern alleyway.

ANOTHER major redevelopment of the Leederville Hotel site is in the works just six years after the last big revamp rebranded it to “Bill’s Bar and Bites”.

Owner FJM Property is seeking approval for what it’s calling a “a new social centre for Leederville”.

It’s a $3 million “general uplift” of the hotel’s interior, the upstairs Babushka venue, The Garden restaurant and the courtyard, with a new lift to let everyone access the upper level drinking decks.

Some of the newer outbuildings behind the old hotel will be demolished including the Blue Flamingo tavern, to be replaced by a new piazza and a dining/bar venue and a shop. 

Last year FJM partnered with builder ABN Group to develop ABN’s new office on the hotel’s old carpark just to the north, bringing in some 750 office workers into Leederville next year.

The new hotel redevelopment’s planned to capitalise on that: The demolitions make for two wide open areas leading into the alley between the courtyard and the office block, aiming to make it a more inviting “laneway precinct”. The laneway’s accessible currently, sometimes, but it’s a dark alleyway right out of a noir movie and the Voice wasn’t sure we were even allowed back there or if the door was left open by accident.

There’ll also be a kids’ play area in the courtyard, a far cry from the days of the hotel being known as the “Seedy Leedy” before its last upgrade. 

FJM director Adrian Fini says: “The goal is to create the pub of the future offering multiple spaces with differentiation and interconnection. It will have a family-friendly component with provisions for both day and night trade.”

A development application’s been sent to Vincent council and if approved the upgrades are expected to be finished some time in 2021. 


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