It’s back folks!  

The Strays (above), Fiona Heath (right) and John McNair (bottom) will be back in action at the The Perth Folk and Roots Club.

THANK goodness live music is back as the return of Big Brother could have pushed us over the cultural cliff face.

If folk is your bag them make sure you check out the The Perth Folk and Roots Club at the Inglewood Bowling Club next Sunday (June 28), featuring Keith Anthonisz and Paul Homewood, John McNair, The Strays, and Fiona Heath.

Originally from New Zealand, Heath moved to Australia in the 1980s and eventually found her way into the folk scene in Perth.

Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, the singer-songwriter plays tender and soulful songs on an acoustic guitar.

“When playing other artist songs I like to put my own twist in them with a touch of jazz blues, sometimes a bit of blue grass,” Heath says.

“The main ingredients for me is about connecting with the audience with all my heart and soul.

“I have been performing for many years, and most of the songs I perform are originals. 

“I am looking forward to playing in front of a live audience and to play some of my new material.”

The Strays – a lively bunch of mostly veteran performers – will get people up and dancing with their energetic roots-rock, which is firmly grounded in Aussie rock ’n’ roll and plumes of swirling Nullarbor dust.

The Perth Folk and Roots Club was founded by Anthonisz in 2012 and started out life at the Oxford Hotel and Mt Lawley Bowling Club, before settling at the Inglewood Bowling Club in recent years.

Stirling council has become modern day patrons (sponsors in 21st century language) of the not-for-profit club, providing them with grants to put on live folk and roots gigs for locals.

Although the Voice can reveal a dirty little secret – Anthonisz started out as a punk musician.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he chuckles.

So if you see people in turtle neck sweaters and plaid pants moshing and snapping their pipes at next Sunday’s gig, you know why.

The Perth Folk and Roots Club is on the fourth Sunday of every month, and next Sunday’s gig starts at 5pm at the Inglewood Bowling Club on Stancliffe Street.


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