Micro-gem a thriller

An Ideal Host.

THE coronavirus lockdown might see a small WA-made film get a far wider audience than anticipated.

The locally produced feature-length comedy/horror/sci-fi film An Ideal Host was going to screen at this year’s Revelation Film Festival, which usually starts in July.

The physical festival’s been delayed until September/October, but the replacement online film festival “Couched” could see it exposed to a wider audience than Perth’s film enthusiast set as it can be watched Australia-wide. 

Some film and music festivals have had to slap together an ad-hoc online replacement, but Rev had a bit of a head start in the streaming game.

Festival director Richard Sowada says “we’ve had REVonDEMAND, our online streaming service of 200+ films for five years, so we’ve been leading in that space for a fair while now”.

Some of the films will be available internationally too, and program director Jack Sergeant says they’re looking forward to giving the world “a small taste of what we do”.

Voice movie man Matthew Eeles from Cinema Australia says he got a sneak peak of An Ideal Host and “absolutely loved it”.

Directed by Robert Woods from Leederville’s Sandbox Productions, it’s a rapid-fire tale about an attempt to host a “perfect dinner” disrupted by unexpected guests, excessive booze, and sinister forces. 

Mr Eeles reckons it’s “one of the most creatively accomplished sci-fi films ever made in WA. Robert Woods has delivered a micro-budget gem.”

The Couched virtual film fest screens July 9 to 19, screening passes at revelationfilmfest.org

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