We are not a democracy 

GORDON WESTWOOD is Maylands resident and not-so-loyal subject of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

IT is very odd the United Kingdom of Great Britain is desperately trying to convince themselves and everyone else through their disreputable mainstream television and news media that they are not only a “democracy” but now they are the “birthplace of democracy”; concepts delivered up to them by aliens from another planet, perhaps?; or pointing to their half-cocked Westminster system of government?

Maybe, though, their evidence is a selective interpretation of the Magna Carta of 1215 which only benefitted powerful barons and the Roman Catholic Church clergy, who wrote it in Latin, and not the subservient English barely 150 years after the Norman invasion and at a time French was the official language of the royal court and would remain so for at least another 100 years. 


Women were regarded as chattels or property.

Similarly, in 1776 the American Declaration of Independence proclaimed: “All men are created equal with certain unalienable rights….”, provided you were not a black negro slave or a native American Indian. 

Women did not have the right to vote until 1920.

That selective (mis) interpretation of the Magna Carta, the Great Charter, is taught to our schoolchildren as somehow being relevant to their being led on by their teachers and ABC Education (ABCTV, BTN Specials, etc.) into falsely believing Australia is a “democracy” from year 3 and

NAPLAN tested from year 5 in the civics and citizenship course.

The Brits are not a democracy and never have been, and nor are we. The false democracy myth creation we are repeatedly duped into believing is a fraud fabricated from non-existent spun threads by duplicitous politicians and the mainstream news media.

The Press Council of Australia will not consider complaints unless they are based on the false notion Australia is a “democracy”.

The people of Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand do not have the political power of democracy in their hands to popularly elect their own head-of-state.

We are constitutional monarchies with the Westminster system of government where we only have the constitutional right under the crown, not the democratic right, to elect representatives to parliament; and that is all.

We do not popularly elect the queen’s allegiant prime ministers she undemocratically appoints by her royal assent, conferred in Australia by her unelected representative ceremonial governor-general appointed by a PM with her approval.

We do not elect our party political governments which is the incorrect answer to an Australian citizenship test question. They are undemocratically formed and headed by prime ministers with their appointed cabinets of ministers of the crown.

A prime minster can resign or be freely dumped by their party midterm in government and replaced by another to form and head a new government and parliament without us going to an election.


A democracy simply does not have a monarch and religious prelate, the Queen, as unelected head-of-state by undemocratic inherited royal succession who must defer from voting at elections to be above common politics.

The Queen’s governor-general seeks and gains exemption from voting without the penalty applied to us.

The seven permanent party politically appointed judges of the high court of Australia, by the government of the day’s federal executive council convened by a non-voting governor-general when the need arises (insanity, retirement, death, resignation, crime of a sitting judge), have the sworn duty to validate and uphold the constitutional monarchy and legitimise the queen as our head-of-state; elitist and undemocratic.

Federal parliamentarians, the judiciary and members of our armed and police forces are required to swear allegiance to the queen before they take up their positions. 

Why, if we are supposedly a “democracy”?

We would be better off by popularly electing a head from each of our states and they form a national executive council along the lines of the Swiss with their frequent referenda, citizens initiated referenda and a comprehensive bill of rights; an option not offered to us at the republic referendum.

A republic of Australia with a dummy president appointed by parliament or by the overriding power of a prime minister, to appoint and sack, favoured by the Australian Republic Movement (and PM Gough Whitlam tragics?), are undemocratic and unacceptable.

This type of set-up would leave us with the same system of corruptible party political governments formed and headed by prime ministers who as majority party or motley coalition leaders only represent and receive votes from their one electorate in the same way as the Westminster system of government only without the queen.

The democratic right to popularly elect our state governors and separately elect deputy governors, not necessarily of the same political persuasions, is a given in a democracy.

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