Consultation rerouted

William Street is planned as a “primary route” in the new Long Term Cycle Network plan. Photo by Jessica Wyld.

CONSULTATION’S open for the future of Vincent’s bike lanes and the WA government says it’ll accept late answers.

Originally the Department of Transport wanted all councils to endorse its “Long Term Cycle Network” plan by June 30, saying only those routes outlined in the plan would be eligible for state funding for a year.

Vincent council said that didn’t leave them with enough time to consult the public, and refused to endorse the plan in June, with mayor Emma Cole calling the deadline “incredibly unusual”.

There was also uncertainty over how long the funding might be locked out for, now confirmed to be one year rather than three.


Transport minister Rita Saffioti has now given the okay for the deadline to be extended.

Ms Cole’s written to the minister saying “we were very pleased to learn that you would be happy to extend the deadline for the City of Vincent to submit our final comments on the LTCN and our funding applications for next year’s cycling grants program so we can finalise this community consultation”.

She said the DoT’s planned route through the middle of Hyde Park was not a goer and they’d work on an alternative: “Hyde Park is heritage listed and renowned for being a tranquil sanctuary. It is not suitable for high traffic/high speed cycling.”

The new plan with the Hyde Park route removed is up at imagine.vincent. and comments are open until July 21, with council scheduled to endorse the final plan at the August meeting.


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