Sushi zilla

GODZILLA was literally breathing down my neck when I went for lunch at Mr Oro Sushi on Sunday.

Thankfully he was just a giant mural on the restaurant wall, and I didn’t have to summon Rodan to fight my corner (he was one of Godzilla’s arch enemies who, ach, it doesn’t matter…)

The small Mt Lawley eatery, tucked away in the Astor Arcade, had a quirky interior with pink doors hanging on the walls, a Manga-style mural, and tables with oversized hooks (I presume to hang your bag or jacket).

The restaurant used to be called Captain Munchies, but the owners recently repainted and rebranded so they could focus on “quality and creativity”.

In the small open plan kitchen the chef was beavering away, making wave after wave of delicious sushi. He was clearly working very hard.

The menu had a small range of Japanese entrees and mains, including donburi, bentos and salads, and fusion sushi like katsu Kilpatrick, sweet-chilli Philly and beef bulgogi roll.

You could also order traditional sushi or place a custom order.

The place was reasonably busy on a Sunday arvo and the tables we’re filling up nicely when we arrived.

Maybe the staff were a bit weary after a hard week and patrons were nursing a hangover, but it felt quite flat and needed some background music or something to get things going. 

The waitress was soon at our table with some nicely presented mixed sashimi ($18.90).

The glistening slices of raw tuna and salmon tasted super fresh, and were perched on a bed of rocket with a scattering of spring onions.

The Japanese vinaigrette and garlic oil really brought this dish to life, giving it a moreish spicy kick. A top notch, if perhaps slightly over-priced, sashimi.

My wife was busy eating her El Mexican sushi (eight large rolls for $16.90).

She thought the ingredients were all high quality, but the Latino mash-up of seared beef, corn, avocado and salsa didn’t quite work.

“It needs more tomato salsa and there’s not really that much of a Mexican flavour to it,” she noted.

Across the table, the kids were pretending to fire nuclear warheads at Godzilla, while rough-housing their cooked tuna ($8) and avocado rolls ($7.90).

There was heaps of tuna, but I thought the chef skimped on the avocado a bit. Anyway, the kids’ plates were empty after about five minutes, so mission complete in my book.

On a chilly winter’s day we felt like some hot comfort food, so we shared some Japanese croquettes ($8). As we cut into the large deep-fried balls, plumes of steam rose upwards and we got a waft of cheesy goodness.

The panko crumb coating was super crunchy and not greasy, and inside was a guilty medley of gooey cheese and potato, conjuring up memories of mum’s apron.

To keeps things interesting, the dish came with a dainty bowl of chilli mayo and BBQ sauce.

Loved this one. Super addictive. We had a lovely lunch at Mr Oro Sushi and the food is high quality, but the dining-in experience could be improved with a better ambience.

Mr Oro Sushi
669 Beaufort Street (Astor Arcade)
Mt Lawley

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