Altarcation at St Pat’s helps slash storm bills

The Ursa Major HEMA Academy fighters bringing swords into a sanctuary. Photos by B&G Photography.

ST PATRICK’S Anglican church in Mt Lawley was on point to raising more than $7,000 this week to help repair storm damage.

The church held a Mediaeval Longtable Feast on July 24 where diners were treated 

to the spectacle of historical combatants clashing in the aisles. 

St Pat’s spent the Covid-lockdown providing hundreds of meals to people in need as restrictions closed off regular services.

But the Beaufort Street church needed a little love itself after copping a battering in late May as a great storm arose on the trails of Cyclone Mangga. 

It turned out to be the biggest fundraising dinner they’ve had. Nearly 150 people showed up to see some mediaeval entertainment from Ursa Major HEMA Academy (Historical European martial arts) who battered each other with a variety of Middle Ages and Renaissance weaponry.

The church had to go online-only for a lot of the restriction period, then moved to pre-book attendances to handle contact tracing through June, but is now back doing regular Sunday morning services.

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