Clamp attacker sought

Police want to ID this woman.

POLICE want to identify a woman accused of pinning a car clamping contractor between two cars at a Bayswater carpark.

Around 8.40am on Saturday July 11, a driver for Auto Clamp parked behind an illegally parked car in the privately-owned King William Street carpark and warned the driver to move on or get clamped.

As the driver was backing up, police say a woman approached the parking contractor and forcefully pushed him. He was briefly pinned between his car and the reversing car before the other drove away. 

The clamper was shaken and saw a doctor but didn’t require any more medical treatment.

Police describe the woman as around 60, light skinned, solid build with “long, sandy, greying hair,” a floral top and dark long pants. The driver was around 70, 153cm tall and black/greying hair.

Auto Clamp boss Susan Chapman related the incident when we contacted her about another complaint from the same carpark a day before. A driver who’d stopped to get a pre-dawn coffee was clamped at 6.40am and costing $170 to get it off, despite no adjacent businesses being open. 

Ms Chapman said her drivers are “well within our rights to clamp” on private property that hires them.

The McGowan government is working on a bill to ban car clamps but Ms Chapman says the ban will make it hard for businesses to keep their carparks free for customers. 

Police want anyone who knows the accused pusher or the driver to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 (reference number 9709) or www. 

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