Society calls to save century-old homes

These two homes linked to prominent Perth publicans have an application for demolition hanging over them.

THE Mt Lawley Society has launched a petition to save two century-old Beaufort Street homes from demolition.

The two homes are just on the periphery of Mt Lawley’s historic town centre and according to society president Tracey King are in excellent condition.

Number 690 was built for the Schruth family in 1903 and 692 for the Cohen family in 1915.

The properties fall within the heritage protection area of Mt Lawley and a local development plan.

“The Mt Lawley Society is supportive of the Beaufort Street Local Development Plan, subject to the City of Stirling providing architectural design guidelines that will demonstrate how the community expects to integrate existing heritage homes on commercial lots with apartment developments,” Ms King said.

“We would prefer to see applications developed in conjunction with the community rather than applicants reverting to JDAP, which has proven, time and time again, to deliver inappropriate community outcomes.”

Marlene Smith is the great niece of Willy and Maud Schruth and wrote to Stirling councillors about the proposed demolition this week.

“The Schruth family were prominent as owners of The Royal Hotel in Perth 1894 to 1905 and also The Aberdeen amongst others,” Ms Smith wrote.

“Uncle Willy owned The Beaufort Arms. He. owned Morris Brothers 

Ltd for radio repairs, player pianos, gramophones, etc, in Perth until his son Odee took over.”

“Their lively federation home was used for many a social gathering, especially in the 1930s when [daughter] Mylee was older, including bridge parties in the lounge (1934) and sherry evening (1936) and the verandahs were used for gatherings of local identities.

“As a child my family and I would visit there to sit and chat.

“A town is not only made up of people but also their dwellings and I feel to lose the uniqueness and grandeur of days gone by is not in our community’s spirit.”


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