Concrete swamps ‘elegant’ station design

The new train station design looks like a highway underpass from a Springsteen song.

A FULLY booked Future Bayswater forum met on Tuesday night over concerns the latest designs for Bayswater’s new train station is heavy on concrete and Roman-aquaduct aesthetic. 

The train station’s being upgraded as part of the Metronet project and will be a junction for the new airport line.

FB chair Paul Shanahan hosted the forum at Bayswater bowls club and said most people were happy with the earlier concept art, which FB described as “modern,” “iconic” and “elegant”. 

But the latest designs are a lot bulkier and blockier, and the train station concept art looks like people waiting for a bus are hanging out under a highway underpass. The group isn’t fond of the ugly bridge, the “imposing” 10m high viaduct running almost a kilometre along Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent, the “uninspiring and exposed” shelters, and a lack of escalators (other new Metronet stations are getting them).

“All of a sudden we’ve got a design that has some elements that are really concerning to us,” Mr Shanahan said.

He said the group’s members were “big fans” of the Metronet project overall and were optimistic it’d bring more housing density and jobs into the town centre.

“I think this train station and the investment the state government is making in this area is fantastic, it could be a real game changer for this area; an area that really does need revitalisation. 

“So we want this train station to be iconic… it could become the flagship Metronet hub but we’ve got to get the design right.”

He wants an inquiry into the awarding of the construction contract, and to determine how the early popular designs ended up so different. 

Maylands Labor MP Lisa Baker was in attendance to hear the group’s concerns, and FB’s now starting a petition and letter writing campaign to premier Mark McGowan. 

“We have one last crack at actually influencing this design for the better,” Mr Shanahan said. “The station’s going to be there for 120 years, if it’s done in the right way it’s going to be a fantastic thing for this community.”


One response to “Concrete swamps ‘elegant’ station design

  1. I agree the design looks very basic, cold and concrete, probably designed by an engineer rather than an architect. There would be no revitalisation of the area with a design like this. I would feel unsafe in a structure like this and certainly not want to hang around it too long.

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