Park a jazz hotspot 

The August 2 Hyde Park Jazz Parade.

IT’LL be a while before WA sees a big music festival given this week’s extension of stage 4 restrictions, but a little park gathering for some jazz tunes can still be a treat.

Local muso Mace Francis has been organising free “Hyde Park Jazz Parades” for anyone missing music or (modest) masses.

“The idea is just to get together and play some simple New Orleans traditional jazz tunes while we make a lap of the park,” he says, adding they’ve got Vincent council’s blessing.

“It is a way to celebrate music and how lucky we are in WA at the moment.

“We encourage anyone to come down and walk with us playing an instrument – any instrument welcome that you can walk with, or just enjoy the music with us.”

The first parade happened August 2 and Mr Francis tells us about 30 players came down and “there were people running around the park who stopped and walked with us… everyone had a really good time”.

Carrying around heavy brass was good exercise too: “The biggest instrument was, I think, a sousaphone, a big wraparound tuba, and I had a bass drum which was big enough for me.”

The next one’s planned for Sunday September 6 from 10am to 11am starting from the stage, and they’ve got a Facebook group “Hyde Park Jazz Parade” for planning. 


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