Reaching crittercal mass

Colourful Ningaloo protesters out in Perth for a new campaign this week. Photo supplied.

AN alliance of environmental groups fighting a major oil and gas development on the doorstep of Ningaloo Reef launched a major new campaign in Perth this week.

Beautiful Ningaloo is being run by Protect Ningaloo, a joint initiative of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the Conservation Council 

of WEA and the Cape Conservation Group – Exmouth, and is targeted against Subsea 7’s plans for a pipeline fabrication and towing facility in the Exmouth Gulf.

Protect Ningaloo director Paul Gamblin says they’re aware it’ll be a David and Goliath battle against a multinational.

“For two years we’ve implored Subsea 7 to do the right thing by withdrawing their controversial proposal and avoiding harming Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo. But it’s been to no avail,” Mr Gamblin said.

The campaign will involve advertising as well as postcards sent to about a quarter of Perth’s homes.

“Tens of thousands of people have already joined our campaign and this enormous support means we can now take up the cause in a much bigger way than ever before,” Mr Gamblin said.

“Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is a special place to so many people – it’s a beloved part of our shared heritage – which explains the torrent of letters that people have sent to government asking it to stop industrialisation of this area.”

Protect Ningaloo says pipelines can be deployed offshore from ships or alternative sites found in the Pilbara.

One response to “Reaching crittercal mass

  1. The number of jobs in my industry that would be created by going with the conservationists’ plan would fix so much of the damage caused by coronavirus. That’s even forgetting the much more important impacts on the environment. They may be dressed in onesies but their plan suits me and a lot of local engineers much better, thank you!

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