Positive path

Jillian and Peter Ciemitis.

PERTH husband and wife artists Peter and Jillian Ciemitis hope their new exhibition Transect will give people stressed out by covid-19 a route to relaxation.

Peter says WA has managed to escape the brunt of the pandemic, but our response as a community has put us on ‘emotional alert’.

“We bounce between either a heightened anxiety or an overcompensating abandon as we try to navigate through 2020,” he says.

The exhibition was named after a technique used in environmental sciences to sample geomorphological conditions along a path, like landform vegetation and fauna.

“We were inspired by the idea of a transect as a way to think about places and move between them,” Peter says. 

“We felt it was very relevant to ‘pause and absorb’ our surroundings at this anxious time when we all need to become grounded again.”

The internationally acclaimed artists use watercolour, screenprinting, woodcut and photography to explore the idea of a path over a landscape, where observations are made. 

“Many of the images are presented in sets which give the viewer alternate views of a place, and the opportunity to observe and contemplate the locations,” Peter says.

Exhibition curator Karen Shirley said Transect depicts a collaborative response on “how change affects our sense of place on any transect, whether it be urban or rural.” 

Peter and Jillian hope people attending the exhibition take time to dig deeper into the images. 

“Whether they are photographs drawings or printmaking, every element that appears in them is deliberate. Although most of the places depicted in the exhibition are in wilderness (both real and imagined)…all have a feel that echoes a traditional built form, an urban DNA that would feel right at home in Freo.”

Transect is at Linton and Kay Galleries on Mandoon Estate, Caversham in September. 


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