Benzing rules

A MERCEDES BENZ SUV which spent a week clogging up the sole accessible parking bay out front of the City of Perth library clocked up $2500 in fines.

Taxi driver Terence Watts called the Voice on Monday to let us know it’s been there “for the last six days… this is so selfish”.

“I have an ACROD sticker issued to me, I’m an operator of a wheelchair-carrying taxi, so I use that [bay] quite often when I have clients who want to use the library, who want to go to the Malcolm McCusker Law Centre, who want to go into town.”

The situation’s exacerbated because the street’s further cramped by construction for the council’s Hay Street revitalisation upgrades.

“When you have a customer who says ‘that’s where I want to go’ and you can’t drop them off there, it’s very frustrating for them,” Mr Watts said. 

“And it’s frustrating for me that I can’t drop a client exactly where they want to go, and I have to drop them off in an area that’s dangerous”. 

Mr Watts says cars parked in clearways get swiftly towed, and since this is even more of an inconvenience than just having to merge “I can’t see why this vehicle cannot be towed away”.

The council says it first pinged the driver last Wednesday, and by Monday five $500 infringements had been issued while it appeared the car hadn’t moved.

But oddly, the fines and chalk marks left by parking inspectors were removed on three occasions, meaning the owner was aware of what was happening.

Mr Watts has a theory: “If you can afford a $100,000 car, what’s five or six parking tickets?”

On Monday the council’s rangers left a note saying the car would be towed if it wasn’t gone in 24 hours; that threat was enough to get the owner’s attention and the parking spot is now free for those who rightfully deserve it.


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