Busy crossing a kyilla

Mt Lawley MP Simon Millman, Perth state MP John Carey, Vincent mayor Emma Cole (centre) with local families (L-R) Benji, Patricia and Erin Halley and Wayne, Thomas, Julianne and Amelie Poland.

KYILLA Primary School students and families are calling for a children’s crossing on Walcott Street, applying to WA Police to provide traffic wardens for school times.

The busy stretch of road splits two state electorates and students and parents have the backing of both Mt Lawley MP Simon Millman and Perth MP John Carey. 

Mr Millman says: “We call on WA Police to approve this much-needed crossing guard application, and we will continue to advocate for future, more permanent measures to improve safety along Walcott Street.”

Mr Carey says: “Kyilla Primary School parents have done a terrific job coordinating the school’s application for a much needed children’s crossing on Walcott Street.

“Dozens of students cross at this point each day on their way to and from school, and their safety is paramount.”

They’ve proposed it go in near the corner of Adair Parade.

It’s classed as a “type A” crossing because it’s used by at least 20 students and has 200 vehicles within the hour at school start and stop times, meaning the police would provide the warden rather than parents volunteering. 

Children’s crossing approvals are voted on by a committee made up of the WA Police, education department and Main Roads. 

They need consent from the council, and Vincent mayor Emma Cole’s behind them saying “this crossing is a crucial first step to improving safety along this busy stretch of road”.

The approvals process takes some time but it could be up in time for term four if they’re lucky. 

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