Letters 12.9.20

Line call?

IS this parking correct or not?

City of Vincent rangers have replied to my queries stating they would issue a caution, not a fine.

“If less than 50 per cent of the vehicle is within the no stopping area, is within 10 meters of an intersection road (not driveway) and it’s not blocking access in or out of the property that is what they would be instructed to do.”

The City of Vincent states: “We have had infringements similar to theses challenged in court – as is the recipient’s right once infringed – and they are dismissed in court at a great deal of expense to the city.”

I am not a legal person but the example pictured is illegal in my opinion; how can it be anything else?

It’s either no parking or not, in my opinion.

John Matthews
Little Walcott St, North Perth


MY husband and I went to Leederville for a walk around and ended up having an enjoyable cup of coffee.

To our astonishment there was just one woman taking orders, receiving payments, making coffee, cutting the cake, clearing, cleaning the tables, and placing the crockery into the dishwasher, additionally disinfecting and sanitising frequently touched surfaces trying to keep the Covid-19 standard.

On complimenting her efficiency and enquiring about her single-handed output, we were informed she was working alone as a result of not been able to get staff.

The governments prograde; “We will be connecting people to jobs in industries where demand for workers remains high.”

An opportunity for job-seekers to develop employability skills und multitasking skills. Is the discussed scenario identifying the prevalence of unemployed WA people exploiting welfare support and avoid their obligations to seek work?

Christa k Long
via Email

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