Parental guidance

FOUR mums bare their souls in a self-deprecating and hilarious show about the “joys of motherhood” at the Comedy Lounge.

Forgot all about those picture-perfect shots of mum and bub on Facebook; The Motherhood explain in excruciating detail how to put up with your friend’s children, get through assemblies or kids dance routines, ADHD, Tinder dates, exercising, mother’s day, house training husbands and finally, how to enjoy the odd well-earned night out.

The Motherhood – Emma Krause (Mum of twins), Simone Springer (Burlesque Babe), Lucy Ewing (the Silly Mum) and Pony (the Fifo wife) – are not only stand-up comedians but also small business owners, authors, teachers, wives and friends. 

“We range in ages from 43 to 38 with two of us being from the city and the other two living a more country lifestyle,” says Pony.

“Because of our differences, every audience member relates to at least one of us and they always walk away feeling better about their own lives.

“Our audience realise that everyone finds parenting incredibly hard and it’s important to have a laugh at ourselves and celebrate our differences as parents.”

Pony says even men in the audience are bent-over laughing by the end of the night.

“The men that come to our shows have a brilliant time. Sometimes they will be dragged along on a date night and they are nervous because they are surrounded by women but they can relate to what we are saying because they are parents too and they are given a funny insight into how a woman thinks.”

Motherhood’s latest show Mums Gone Wild wowed audiences and critics, taking out a gong at this year’s Fringeworld festival.

The show examines what happens when mothers finally get a chance to go wild – mum style.

“Lucy’s version of going wild may be to return the library books a week late whereas Pony may or may not have considered using her control shapewear to catch a spew when she’s in the taxi after a big night out,” Pony says. 

“Simone tells stories of home schooling during covid-19 and Emma talks about taking decluttering to a new level while she was in isolation. 

“Together we are voice for women and we are here to support every single mother (and father) out there with the hardest job on the planet because if we couldn’t laugh about it we would cry.”

At the time of going to print, both Motherhood shows at The Comedy Lounge in September had already sold out, but don’t worry the girls will perform there again on November 26.


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