‘Seamless’ approval

Pedestrians can wander through from Newcastle Street to Vincent Street any time at least one of the Leedy’s various food or drink venues is open.

THE Leederville Hotel’s had its new major redevelopment approved. 

Owner FJM Property’s $3 million overhaul is planned to capitalise on the rear-neighbour office block being developed by their partner ABN Group. 

The heritage-listed hotel will be largely untouched but some of the outbuildings added later like the Blue Flamingo will be demolished. They’ll make way for a multi-venue setup and a new open area connecting with the laneway it shares with the office. 

The plan was approved by the state-controlled Development Assessment Panel, but Vincent council’s design review panel was glowing in its support, and there were no objections from the public.

The DAP said the plan “fits seamlessly” in Leederville, praised the retention of mature gum trees, and gave top marks to how it opens up onto the laneway. 

Pedestrians will be able to wander through from Newcastle Street to the laneway and on to Vincent Street any time one of the various Leedy hotel venues are open, starting with the first food kiosk at 7.30am.

Completion’s set for mid-2021. Because the building’s heritage listed, a dilapidation report will have to be done to make sure it doesn’t take a battering during construction. 

The ABN Group office is also scheduled to finish next year, and hit its “Topping Out” milestone in August by installing the uppermost internal structures. 


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