Basic instinct


IT WAS back to basics on Tuesday night with a humble burger and chips for dinner.

As the world gets more complex and stranger by the day, it’s good to know that some of life’s simple pleasures are still intact.

We opted for Meet and Bun in Mt Lawley; a relatively new addition to the congested burger bar scene in Perth.

Would this joint have anything new to offer, making it standout from the double patty, maple bacon, extra-cheese crowd?

Things got off to a rocky start when I saw there was no kids section on the menu.

Surely a mistake, as it’s a popular option for parents who want a casual and relatively inexpensive meal.

But they didn’t, so the kids shared a cheeseburger ($12.50) and a strawberry milkshake ($5 special on Tuesdays).

The staff were accomodating and said they could cut the burger in half and cook it well done, instead of medium rare which was their modus operandi.

My ari gold burger ($10 special) was a delicious ode to simplicity: beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and American cheddar.

The pink and juicy patty was cooked to medium rare perfection and the mustard, chipotle mayo and tangy cheese kept things interesting.

All the vegetables were super fresh and the brioche bun was super light and extremely soft.

I don’t like towering burgers with the kitchen sink in them, as they fall apart and end up becoming a soggy footnote on your plate.

This burger was just the right size and you could easily eat it without the toppings flying out of the bun. A lovely burger and great value for $10 on a Tuesday.

The accompanying large fries ($8) were humongous and could easily feed three to four adults.

They were skinny and had a lovely crunch, with smoked paprika and cheese sauce versions available. Too much salt for me, but that seems to be de rigueur these days.

Across the table, my wife’s mother clucker ($14) was going down well.

“I really like the sweet, soft bun, it’s one of the best I’ve had in ages,” she said.

“It’s a nice contrast to the dark batter on the free range chicken, which is super crispy and coated in lots of herbs and spices. The chicken meat itself is lovely and tender.

“I loved the addition of the pickles and the subtle chipotle mayo.”

My wife tried the kids’ strawberry milkshake and said it was first class (it’s freshly made with custard ice cream), while the kids wolfed down the cheeseburger in record time, so everyone seemed happy.

As well as a small range of burgers and thick shakes, Meet and Bun do creamy custard ice cream ($8) including halle berry, donut worry and cookies butter. They are also licensed with beers and ciders.

If you enjoy simple, high-quality burgers that aren’t over-the-top and attention seeking, then Meet and Bun is for you.

Those who like towering, more experimental fare might be disappointed.

A kids menu wouldn’t go amiss, but that aside it was a very enjoyable meal and a welcome addition to the burger scene in Perth. 

Especially with the special offers on a Tuesday.

Meet and Bun
609 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
9025 4000


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