Driving him mad

THE “ludicrous” need to hold a driver’s licence has been listed as a job requirement for Vincent council’s new Active Transport Officer, whose role is to get people to drive less.  

The successful applicant will be required to “achieve a reduction in private car use through the promotion and enhancement of walking, cycling and public transport” according to the council’s job description.

That seems at odds with the need for a driver’s licence, according to local active transport enthusiast Andrew Main, who featured it on his 

“Walk Ride Perth” Twitter account.

“The requirement for an active transport officer to have a driver’s licence is ludicrous,” he said. 

“But it’s a reminder about how many jobs require a licence, and how discriminatory this is. 

“How many jobs need a licence, and what is the impact of this on decisions made by young people?”

Vincent’s admin is just four kilometres from the furthest reaches of its domain, and it wasn’t uncommon to see the former ATO getting around on his bike.

We asked Vincent council why that role would need a driver’s licence, and found out there is some leeway. 

CEO David McLennan writes: “The position doesn’t use a car daily, but on occasion does transport bikes and equipment for events.

“If the preferred applicant didn’t have a driver’s licence it wouldn’t disqualify them from the role.”


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