Commissioner farewells

CITY of Perth commissioners wrapped up their final council meeting this week.

Chair commissioner Andrew Hammond said back in March 2018 “the organisation was in a meltdown. It was under siege, and it’s fair to say it required huge interventions in a range of areas… we had the inquiry hanging over the heads of staff, and of course that took a whole lot longer than we thought. 

“We were first appointed for a period of 12 months, and we find now it’s been close to two and a half years.

“Over that time though we were able to, I think, introduce the changes that were necessary to bring the city back to a level of proper governance and proper standards.”

“We aren’t there 100 per cent yet, we still have a way to go, but all organisations can improve, they should improve forever.”

Mr Hammond thanked commissioner Len Kosova for his insight, humour and attention to detail, and said commissioner Gaye McMath was able to help them “re-engage with a lot of important stakeholders. 

“Some relationships have been terribly fractured over time for whatever reason, but we did make a commitment that we weren’t going to ask questions about why things had happened, other people can ask those questions, we’re about restoring things and fixing things up for the future.”

In the last days of their reign commissioners had negotiated the outcome of the Perth City Deal with state and federal governments, and Mr Hammond said they were “pretty forthright in certain things we didn’t want in the city deal, and certain things we did want.

“To have ECU come into Yagan Square is something that is beyond our wildest dreams. That is going to be the catalyst to start that journey to 90,000 people,” the target number commissioners set for the city residential population by 2050, and he implored the the staff and future council to keep that goal in mind.


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