Little things 

EVERYTHING screamed fun about Little B in Mt Lawley.

The funky photo menu, the downtown Bangkok theme, and the colourful website with cool 20-somethings and flashing graphics.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the small Thai restaurant on Beaufort Street, it didn’t feel like much fun with mediocre service and a middling atmosphere.

It all started when I went up to the counter to order, where the lady at the till was po-faced and couldn’t muster a semblance of a smile.

To be fair she was the only person serving and taking orders in the restaurant, so I can appreciate she was under the cosh. No big deal.

But then she gave my wife a tofu pad thai, instead of the chicken version ($16.90).

After my wife had a couple of mouthfuls and realised there was no chicken, I alerted the waitress who said she gave us the wrong dish and did we want to keep it. No apology.

Slightly bemused we said no, we wanted what we had ordered, and the waitress obliged.

Service aside, the food itself was pretty good.

The moreish salty broth in my wonton noodle soup ($15.90) was teeming with flavours and textures.

The boiled egg seeped into the soup, enhancing the favour, and the fish balls bobbing on the surface added a strong seafood punch. Submerged in a mass of egg noodles were the large wontons, which had a lovely soft casing and slight spicy filling.

It was a well-balanced and very enjoyable wonton soup with lots of twists and turns.

Across the table my wife was enjoying her belated chicken breast pad thai.

“The sauce has a sweet tang and the dish is nice and moist; a lot of pad thais I’ve eaten have been a bit dry,” she said.

“The chicken is good quality and well cooked, and there’s a good variety of veggies in there.

“It’s very moreish and great comfort food”.

Throughout our meal we were treated to a litany of soft rock ballads that sounded like Michael Bolton on ketamine.

The music didn’t really fit the restaurant’s funky theme with raw brick walls, industrial pendant lights, and a kitchen with a tin roof, hinting at a downtown food stall in Bangkok.

As Ronan Keating sang the love theme to Notting Hill, my kids were mauling their chicken satay sticks ($9.90) and spring rolls ($8.90).

I had a sneaky taste and can confirm the thick peanut sauce was delicious with a pleasant, sweet coda.

The spring rolls were competent and came with a nice zesty dip.

There was a huge variety of dishes in Little B with the menu including soups, salads, curries, street-favourites, and specials like steamed barramundi in chilli and lime sauce, and shiitake mushroom stir-fry.

It’s also licensed with nice range of Asian beers and some wine.

Little B is good value with huge serves and no-nonsense tasty food. 

Hopefully I just had an off-night with the service – it happens and these are difficult times.

Little B – Bangkok Dining
4/609 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley


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