Residents question Karrinyup consultation

RESIDENTS opposed to the Karrinyup West development say it was inappropriate for Stirling council to do the “bare minimum” consultation for a project with such a huge impact.

AMP Capital has proposed three “high-end” residential towers as part of the shopping centre’s $800 million redevelopment, with 270 new apartments and a number of commercial tenancies.

Karrinyup Community Group member Samara Kemp, who’s helped organise a 700-strong petition against the development, said the council only dropped letters to residents living up to 200 metres from the development.

She says it’s only her group’s efforts that have alerted other residents to what’s planned; and she reckons they’re not happy and starting to get feisty.

“You could tell they were hoping they wouldn’t get much of a response negatively so they could put in the report ‘people of Karrinyup haven’t replied so they don’t care’… but we do care; we’ve cared enough to make everyone aware of it.”

AMP’s three towers would be 9, 15 and 24 storeys, which Ms Kemp says will have major impacts on surrounding streets.

“It they are going to go above the eight-storey limit it’s going to impact so negatively, not just on me personally.

“My main issue will be parking – all the tradespeople abandon their cars on my street and walk to the shops. They’re not cars, they’re utes and vans, and they just park them willy-nilly on the bend of the road. They double-park along there – you can hardly get the car up.”

Ms Kemp says she and other residents aren’t against some development at the shopping centre, saying they’ll benefit from the additional facilities, but says AMP was given a generous eight-storey approval by the JDAP in 2013 and she can’t see how that’s suddenly jumped to 24.


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