Bike Hub reviews election platform

PERTH Bike Hub have surveyed the City of Perth election candidates to find out who knows what bike riders need, and PHB’s Heinrich Benz says they’re pretty encouraged by the responses.

“This survey is about much more than bikes: Our survey questions were firmly focused on public space and offered candidates a way to share their vision for our city,” Mr Benz says.

Most of the 31 candidates and all seven mayoral candidates responded to the survey by PHB, a volunteer run-group promoting safer streets.

“We’re encouraged by the responses we’ve received to our survey. Most candidates recognised that the status quo for walking, cycling and e-scooters in central Perth isn’t good enough, and are supportive of improvements to make our streets safer for active transport.

“We were also pleased that most candidates seemed to understand that funnelling more car traffic onto our streets isn’t good for the long term economic success, sustainability and liveability of our city.”

PHB is not formally endorsing any candidates, but candidate responses and PHB’s very frank and forthright reviews of their stances is at

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