Budget ‘mean‘

FEDERAL Perth Labor MP Patrick Gorman has reviewed treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s budget and dubbed it “mean”

“It leaves too many people out,” Mr Gorman said.

“If you’re over 35, you’re going to find it really hard to find a job under this budget,” he told us via phone from Canberra. “If you’re on Jobseeker, you’ll find that paying the bills next year is going to be really difficult.”

Businesses are getting $4 billion of subsidies to hire unemployed people under 35, while Jobseeker’s going back to the $40 a day rate; Mr Gorman says that’ll be a blow to businesses relying on the extra spending the bumped up payment had sparked.

Schools and sports clubs will lose out as the Local School Community Fund and the Community Sport Infrastructure Grants (aka the Sports Rorts) are also gone. 

“While debt is the biggest it’s ever been, there’s been these cuts and abolitions to programs like the schools fund that used to help pay for playgrounds, air-conditioning… I thought that was quite a mean cut.” 

Last year grants helped Bayswater Primary School get an enclosed assembly area to shelter students, Sir David Brand School in Coolbinia a sensory playground, and Maylands Peninsula Primary School to expand its overly-busy playground.


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