Having a ball

Pinchos is Perth’s happy place. 

A few Sundays back we were lured to the Spanish tapas bar by its jovial clientele, who were sharing delectable dishes in the alfresco.

We quickly waved down a waiter so we could join in the fun.

The staff are just as cheery and attentive as the diners. 

Despite the place being packed, we were shown to a table outside and served quickly.

We were off to a great start, made even better by the quick service – Our seven plates were whisked to our table in less than five minutes.

It may sound like a lot for two people, but everything here is designed to share so you can enjoy an ample selection of Spanish favourites without overdoing it.

Every time I visit Pinchos I order the pork belly ($14.95). It’s to die for. 

The belly is fried to crispy perfection then cubed and plated with a generous coating of dukka to add extra crunch and texture. 

A splash of lemon juice added an acidic dimension and cut through the delicious fat.

There are three types of croquettes ($9.90) available on the menu including potato and salt cod, and chicken and ham. My favourite is the mushroom, leek and manchego – a Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk. 

The filling was creamy, earthy and punchy thanks to the tasty mushrooms and luscious cheese filling. The leek added bite and the garlic aioli brought it all together.

A small bite of chorizo with honey and goats cheese ($2) was a sweet accompaniment to our rocket, pine nut, pear, goats cheese and orange salad ($11.50).

More substantial dishes can be found on the Bigger Plates menu and we didn’t regret ordering the beef cheeks ($27).

The meat is slow cooked and fell apart with the slightest touch of my fork. The cheeks were served on a bed of very creamy caulifl ower puree and swim-ming in a rich port sauce. 

This is a simple dish, but it packed some serious flavour. Kudos to the kitchen. 

There’s always going to be a weakest link when you order so much food, and in our case it was the saffron labne served with flatbread ($9.90). 

Saffron can be an acquired taste when other flavours aren’t used to mask it. In this case it added a bitter and metallic flavour to the labne. 

Despite the disappointment, the toasted flatbread went well with the grapes, beetroot, pickles and dukka, also served as part of the dish. 

Located on the traffic-heavy Oxford Street, Pinchos isn’t always the most peaceful place to dine, but the chaotic surroundings add to the bustling atmosphere of this incredible foodie hotspot.

Pinchos is the perfect spot to soak up some sun, laugh with friends and enjoy some of the best food Perth has to offer.

112-124 Oxford Street, Leederville

http://www.pinchos.me 9228 3008

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