Sexism doesn’t pay in Vincent

SEXIST corporations won’t get Vincent council’s business under a proposed policy.

The council’s draft purchasing policy is based on the Commonwealth’s practice of eschewing goods or services from large companies that don’t comply with the Workplace Gender Equality Act.

The Act requires companies with more than 100 employees to submit a report to the WGE Agency showing employee gender breakdown, wages, and what policies they have to improve equality.

Non-compliant companies aren’t necessarily sausage factories; refusing to report, lying on the report, or not having policies to address sexual harassment/paying genders equally can earn a spot on the government’s naughty list. 

Dome Cafes Australia and the trustee that owns Pan Pacific Perth are on the 120-strong list.

On the flip side, the council will aim to buy more from Aboriginal-owned and disability enterprises – if practical and value for money. 

“Buy local” and buying from environmentally-friendly companies is also encouraged.

Mayor Emma Cole says “with all of our policies, we’re trying to embed the community priorities from our strategic community plan, so we’re looking at things like life cycle costs, sustainability ratings, workplace gender equality, and at the same time it has to be balanced against value for money.

“We have our Reconciliation Action Plan where we talk about supporting Aboriginal businesses, and we really need to put that into place with our purchasing policy, we need to follow through and demonstrate that we’re doing that.”

The policy’s up for comment via imagine.vincent. until October 26 at 9am.


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