Light memory

Phil Sullivan, an expert on anything Light Horse-related.

AN expert on the Australian light horsemen will be at Anzac Cottage on October 25 for a presentation on the Battle of Beersheba.

Phil Sullivan is a military historian and re-enactor, and troop commander of the Avon Valley 10th Light Horse Memorial Troop. He was part of a 2012 trip by a large group of light horse re-enactors who visited Egypt, rode around the pyramids and went on to Gallipoli and visited the memorial sites around Israel. 

He’ll tell the story of the October 31, 1917 Battle of Beersheba, where the WA-raised and Claremont showgrounds-trained 10th Light Horse took part in heavy fighting alongside other light horse regiments. 

The 38 Kalgoorlie Street cottage is open via donation from 1.30pm on October 25, there’ll be photographic displays, activities for youngsters, and the Beersheba presentation is at 2.30pm.


One response to “Light memory

  1. We are looking for a mannequin horse for a display at VLC for the 10th Light Horse. Have you got any leads that we can follow.
    Grant Crombie

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