Station redesign

Future Bayswater still anxious road design will ‘cut off’ town. ‘Trestle’ aesthetic dropped.

THE proposed Bayswater train station has been re-designed following widespread discontent over the concept plans released mid-year.

The town centre’s advocacy group Future Bayswater delivered a 1024-signature petition to WA parliament in September calling for a redesign to accurately reflect the 2018 sketches Metronet first presented. 


The petition called for a design “worthy of a piece of community infrastructure that will be the dominant built feature in Bayswater for the next 120 years”.

They wanted “quality design and finishes, escalators, and proper shelter from sun, wind and rain” and opposed a big 10-metre high viaduct running almost a kilometre along Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent. The viaduct remains.

Future Bayswater also opposed the closing of Whatley Crescent to Hamilton Street.

On October 8 transport and planning minister Rita Saffioti announced a new “refined design aesthetic” to reflect local feedback. 

It now has escalators, a cream colour theme that aims to fit into the area, “ribbing finishes” inspired by Perth’s passenger trains, and “wave” shelters with vertical screens to reduce wind. 

FB’s Paul Shanahan said it was heartening that some of the original features from the more popular 2018 sketches had been reinstated, but they’re still concerned about road changes and that big viaduct which he calls “unacceptable and unnecessary”.

“These improvements to the station will encourage more people to use the train and will enhance such an important site in the heart of our town centre,” he says.

“The improvements include the provision of escalators, enhanced surface finishes, a better ground floor interface and improvements to shelters that previously looked like tables from Bunnings.

“Unfortunately, the original slender design from 2018 has not been reinstated, with the large concrete bulkiness of the design still present, though there has been some slight improvements to the appearance of the bulky piers. The shelters, while improved, still will leave some travellers exposed to the elements. 

“While the designs will not deliver the iconic station we all expected with such an important transport development for WA, what is proposed is much improved from the second round of designs released in June 2020 that created such concern in our community. We welcome improvements to the station, but many in our community are still anxious about the design of the local roads around that station that will cut off large sections of the town centre.”

They’re still hopeful Metronet and the state government will keep listening and fix the remaining problems. 

Maylands MP Lisa Baker said “I have a very engaged and educated community who have been active in working with the Government to get the very best outcomes in design and development for our village.

“With the art and landscaping treatments still to come, the McGowan Government is responding to community feedback and I believe the current designs reflect the heritage character of Bayswater.”

The new station design will still need approval from the WA Planning Commission.


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