Anghie voted in deputy

New lord mayor Basil Zempilas and his deputy Sandy Anghie.

COUNCILLOR Sandy Anghie is the new Perth deputy lord mayor, elected by fellow councillors at a special meeting on October 20. 

Crs Anghie, Liam Gobbert and Catherine Lezer were nominated for the position, and just before the vote Cr Rebecca Gordon spoke in favour of Cr Gobbert as deputy.

With so many of the candidates endorsed by Mr Zempilas being successful, Cr Gordon said “rightly or wrongly at the moment, we’re seeing a perception of factionalism already forming in the media and the public, and what better way for us to shatter that perception than to appoint someone who was truly independently elected by the people of the district for this role, and we can confidently say that Liam was supported by the voters on his merits and for who he is as an individual and the experience he brings.”

She said his experience as a town planner would come in handy in many of their decisions, and his eight years on Joondalup council would plug some gaps.

“We are on a council with a lord mayor and a CEO who are new to local government and I think in this context it’s particularly important that the deputy mayor role is fulfilled by someone who can support those people,” Cr Gordon said.

She said they’re skilled individuals but “we can provide a supportive network around them in the areas they lack, and this is direct local government experience, and Cr Gobbert has that experience”.

No other councillors spoke, and Cr Anghie won with five votes out of eight (Cr Di Bain was absent). 

Cr Anghie was the top scoring candidate in the council race, and also ran for deputy mayor coming in fifth.

City of Perth election results

Lord mayor: Basil Zempilas: 1,855 votes, (29.44 per cent), Di Bain: 1,571 (24.94 per cent), Brodie McCulloch: 786 (12.48 per cent), Mark Gibson: 716 (11.37 per cent) Sandy Anghie: 603 (9.57 per cent), Bruce Reynolds: 398 (6.32 per cent), Tim Schwass: 371 (5.89 per cent)

Three-year term councillors: Sandy Anghie: 3,339 votes (8.02 per cent), Di Bain: 3,070 (7.37 per cent), Catherine Lezer: 2,643 (6.34 per cent), Rebecca Gordon: 2,252 (5.41 per cent)

One-year term councillors: Liam Gobbert: 2,201 (5.28 per cent), Brent Fleeton: 2,082 (5 per cent) Viktor Ko: 2,072 (4.97 per cent), Clyde Bevan: 2,064 (4.95 per cent)

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