Vincent seeks state help to revamp Beatty

Vincent mayor Emma Cole showing WA sports minister Mick Murray around the venerable Beatty Park Leisure Centre.

AT nearly 60 years old Beatty Park Leisure Centre is in need of extensive repairs again.

Opened in 1962 for the Commonwealth Games, some parts of the centre were upgraded in 2011. It was supposed to be a four-stage upgrade, but some federal funding fell through and only half got completed.

It has a long list of problems; some toilets date back to the ‘60s and aren’t disability accessible, a recent Vincent council report says some pool tiles are becoming unsealed and may suffer “catastrophic unplanned failure”, and some staff and storage areas are “dungeon-like”. 

The spa, sauna and steam rooms get over-crowded, prompting some people to cancel their membership. 

Vincent council has set aside $2.9m for repairs, but larger and longer term work is needed.


They’re hoping for support from higher levels of government, and last week mayor Emma Cole took WA sports minister Mick Murray on a tour of the centre. The building’s on the state heritage list and the council argues it’s a “regional facility” given 70 per cent of people in the swim school are from outside Vincent.

A long term plan dubbed Beatty Park 2062 is in the works to draw up a blueprint to keep the site going until its centenary. 

“We’re very keen for some sate and federal government support in the future to help us with the grandstand for our iconic, regional Beatty Park,” Ms Cole said. 

For now, the indoor pool will be retiled, new changerooms built and the spa/sauna/steam room upgraded – with tenders for the tiling to go out this month. 

There’ll be an expected $750,000 loss of revenue from having the indoor pools closed for up to five months over summer while the works are completed (outdoor pools will still be open).


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