Public asked for park kiosk views

Council Meeting (Ordinary and Special) meeting held on 20/10/2020 – Item 9.5 Adoption of Amendments to Mobile Food Vendor Policy and Consideration of a Commercial Kiosk Proposal at Hyde Park – Attachment Concept sketch of kiosk at Hyde Park

PLANS for a permanent privately-operated food kiosk in a Hyde Park storage shed will go out to the court of public opinion.

Vincent councillors unanimously voted in favour of going out for public comment at the October 20 meeting, with the kiosk expected to help “activate” the park. 

Mayor Emma Cole said after the decision: “The idea of a kiosk in Hyde Park has been floated with our community in the past.

“We’ve since invited food trucks into Hyde Park, which has been well received, but thought the timing was right to see if a bricks and mortar kiosk may be a better long-term solution.

“We want to know whether people would welcome a kiosk and if they might like to see this in addition to, or as an alternative to, food trucks.”

The consultation will be a while off and the idea isn’t scheduled for a council vote until April. People will also be asked if they’d prefer healthy food options at the kiosk an at food trucks, in line with council’s new “Healthy Vincent” policy. 

Meanwhile Bayswater council has this week canned a plan for a proposed cafe wanting to open at Riverside Gardens and buy out competing food trucks. 

Bootlegger Coffee Co, a mobile coffee vendor, petitioned the council to let them set 

up a sea container cafe at the gardens for a year-long trial; the company wanted the right to choose other trucks which didn’t sell competing products. 

At their October briefing Bayswater councillors heard passionate pleas against the plan from four mobile food vendors who operate at Riverside Gardens. The vendors said they were already doing it tough and could go out of business if they couldn’t trade freely there.

Councillors resolved not to progress the exclusive permit-buying cafe plan, but will tentatively investigate other options for leasing out a kiosk there in the future. The idea’s been floating around for more than 10 years.


WITH some sweltering weather on the way Hyde Park’s water playground is reopening a little earlier this year. The free splash park is usually open from early November through to April but this year the water will be switched on on Friday October 31, just in time for a forecast of 36 degrees. The water buttons are operational daily from 8am-8pm.

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