Vincent all out for 40kph

A BLANKET 40kmh speed limit could be applied across Vincent’s residential streets.

Under a draft Accessible City Strategy 2020-2030 the council says the statewide 50kph speed limit doesn’t suit local conditions.

Mayor Emma Cole says: “For too long now, residents have been telling me that 50kmh feels too fast for our residential streets. We’d love to know if the rest of Vincent is ready for 40kmh.”

Vincent’s been trialling 40kmh on residential roads in its southern half since April 2019.

There’s little detail on the trial results, which are due for a November release, but the summary findings declare “some speed reduction and crash benefits” and more pedestrians and cyclists.

Council transport staff reckon if the lower limit is kept in place median speeds will keep dropping.

The strategy will be out for public comment shortly, and if adopted the 40kmh limit will be in by 2023. 

Other actions include ensuring a network of safe pedestrian paths with priority lights at intersections, and a “dense network of cycling routes”. They want to reduce 

the number of Vincent residents driving to work from the current 67 per cent to 48 per cent by 2030.

Another controversial recommendation in the strategy is for the city to start charging for residential parking permits that allow locals to park in their streets.

Ms Cole penned an amendment that they delete the paid-permits idea from the draft plan. 

The amendment said “this would not be welcomed or supported by Vincent residents at this time, even as part of an aspirational 10 year plan” and councillors unanimously voted to scrap it.


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