A Kyilla new motto

Old mates catch up at Kyilla primary’s 75th anniversary.

KYILLA Primary School has unveiled a new Whadjuk Noongar motto at its 75th anniversary open day: “Kata Djinung”.

It’s a translation of the school’s motto “To See and To Understand” which was adopted in 1988. The Whadjuk Noongar words join the boomerang that’s been a feature of the logo since 1988. 

Principal Jo Hine tells us the new motto came about through the efforts of Julianne Bull, a parent of three former Kyilla students (including Bayswater mayor Dan Bull).

Back in the ‘80s Ms Bull worked with Noongar leader Ken Colbung, also known by his Aboriginal name Nundjan Djiridjarkan, to come up with the motto.

Ms Hine says back then a lot of Kyilla families were keen to use the Noongar words, but the P&C went with the English “To See and To Understand”.

Ms Bull recently spoke to the school board, which was fascinated to hear the story and the idea was revived in time for the 75th anniversary on October 24. Ms Hine says the school is continually looking to acknowledge the contribution of the Indigenous community and the motto was a good way to go about it, while also being a good teaching point for students. 


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