Tasty gem

I’VE been meaning to try Goreng Goreng in Mt Lawley for a while, but every time I pass by the tiny eatery is packed to the gunnels.

On Tuesday night I went there with the family a bit earlier and managed to secure a table for four by the window.

The eatery is situated on Walcott Street, opposite the Astor Theatre and near the old offices of former MP Michael Sutherland, who presided over Mt Lawley like a modern day Nero.

Goreng Goreng is a casual, no-frills place with utilitarian furniture and a menu printed on the wall.

But there was a large funky mural adding a splash of colour, and it felt bright and modern.

The menu a nice range of noodle and rice dishes including lemongrass prawn, udon laksa, honey pepper beef and of course mee goreng.

There was also a small number of entree dishes, and you could order bespoke noodle and rice combos. 

The prices were very reasonable and for our family of four the total including drinks was $62.

On a cold stormy night, my red curry chicken ($13.90) was just the ticket.

It had that delicious depth of flavour synonymous with slow-cooked food, and the soft carrots, green beans and succulent chicken melted in the mouth.

The star of the dish was the rich moreish sauce, which had a slightly sweet reprise. 

Perhaps the curry could have been a bit spicier, but that was my only quibble.

Across the table my wife was enjoying her Asian BBQ beef 

($14.90), with the sticky glaze glistening under the restaurant lights.

“The beef is lovely and tender and the veggies aren’t overdone,” she said.

“The glaze is delicious and the slices of beef and veggies are just the right size to negotiate with chopsticks. Maybe the sauce could have more of a kick, but it’s very tasty.”

Although Goreng Goreng was tiny, the huge floor-to-ceiling windows created the illusion of space, and I enjoyed the art deco lampposts silhouetted against the Astor Theatre across the road.

For a brief moment I pictured Mr Sutherland striding about in his pomp, barking lunch orders down the phone to quivering interns.

There was a steady stream of people coming in to Goreng Goreng for takeaway, while couples and families enjoyed a sit-in meal with some BYO. 

The chefs were busy beavering away in the open kitchen and the place had a lively, inner-city vibe.

The service was good throughout with the pleasant lady at the till asking the chef to do a no-sauce chicken and vegetable noodle ($13.90) for the kids, which went down a storm.

The vegetables including bok choy, cauliflower and carrot were all super fresh and it was a fragrant and healthy dish.

We shared some spring rolls (four for $5.50) which were piping hot and had a satisfying crunch, but the vegetable filling didn’t reach the height of the mains.

Goreng Goreng surpassed my expectations and sells delicious, super fresh food at amazing prices.

Just get there early if you want a seat.


Goreng Goreng
75 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley
9328 2811

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