Bushland regeneration

Friends of Coolbinia Bushland at their last weeding day in November, with Mount Lawley state Labor MP Simon Millman heading along to lend a weeding hand.

AFTER five years’ dormancy a reincarnation of the Friends of Coolbinia Bushland has sprung up to take care of the Bradford Street remnant bush. 

In the years since the last group drifted away the spot’s become heavily overgrown with weeds like veldt grass, and the native vegetation including orchids has struggled.

The Friends group’s revival has been prompted after its overarching body the Urban Bushland Council of WA got some federal funding for community environment groups. 

They were able to get some professional weeding done to make a dent and over the past couple of months volunteers have been in training to identify and strategically remove the pernicious weeds. 


FoCB’s Karen Lee tells us: “We had a really successful walk and talk in late August, where we had about 100 people in our community come and express an interest. 

A lot of them had never seen that bushland before, they had no idea how biodiverse it was,” Ms Lee said.

The little strip of Australiana has more than 90 species of plants, plenty of birds and a Noah’s Ark of other little animals making a home there.

“It was at a time when people were turning inward a bit, and thinking about how to care for places close to home.”

A core group went on get involved in land care training, guided by experts from the Urban Bushland Council. 

“We’ve weeded about 30 per cent of the bushland already, so that feels really good,” Ms Lee says. They’re “making space for the bush to flourish, for that diversity of species to be maintained, [and] for our community to know it’s there and to enjoy it and to coexist sustainably with the health of the bush”.

Mt Lawley state Labor MP Simon Millman headed along to their last weeding day for November and says “remnant bushland areas such as the one in Coolbinia are incredibly valuable to our community.

“We are fortunate to have these patches of bush in our backyard, and I’m very pleased the Friends group is up and running again.”

The group’s wound down its weeding days for the holidays, but they’ll be back in the bush and looking for more volunteers early next year. Follow them via the 

“Friends of Coolbinia Bushland” Facebook page, or their page at bushlandperth.org.au

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