Have a say on go-slow

Vincent mayor Emma Cole, deputy mayor Susan Gontaszewski and kids Olivia and Jasmine.

PUBLIC comment is now open for Vincent council’s 40kmh speed limit plan, with the results of a trial in the southern half showing a modest drop in crashes and a jump in pedestrian and cyclist numbers.

The southern half of the council area’s currently in the midst of a two-year 40kmh trial on local residential roads (not the big state routes) which started April 2019. 

The first year’s data has been released and shown a small reduction in the average speeds of vehicles by 1kmh.

Crashes were also slightly down, but the consultant’s report says it’s hard to tell if the slowdown reduced “killed and seriously injured” crashes because only two of those were recorded in the trial area; “single crash events can skew this data”. 

However 14 per cent more pedestrians and cyclists were counted on the streets compared to before the trial. Those numbers were taken before Covid took off, which saw a massive 70 per cent boom in cyclists as people sought to avoid crowded buses and trains. 

While the speed reduction is modest, the report notes it’ll likely continue as people get used to the 40kmh limit, and if road designs are updated to better suit the slower speeds.

The slowdown’s part of the overall Accessible City Strategy now out for public comment. 

The strategy’s designed to get more people out of their cars and walking and riding, and other actions include safer pedestrian paths and intersection lights and more cycling routes.

It’s up for comment at imagine.vincent.wa.gov.au until February 19 but there’s also an in-person drop in day at the Vincent library, February 13 from 9am to noon.


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