Cars out to fix Common

TRAFFIC will be diverted from North Perth Common for 12-months as Vincent council tries to get the drastically underpopulated public space working.

The $1 million public square at the corner of View and Fitzgerald Streets was opened mid-2019 to address a shortage of casual hang-out space on the pedestrian-unfriendly strip.

But apart from some organised events like yoga days, the native plant sale or December’s Young Makers Christmas Market, it’s a rare sight to spot anyone sitting there. 

Local walking and bike riding advocate Andrew Main wrote to the Voice last year saying that was no surprise, as it was “next to a noisy, polluted main road [Fitzgerald Street], with a busy road [View Street] cutting through the middle”. 


The corner’s also had its share of prangs: There were 14 reported accidents at the corner since 2015.

The council’s now going ahead with a plan to extend a median strip on Fitzgerald Street and prevent right turns into View Street for 12 months. Mr Main warned it would push traffic onto residential streets but council-appointed traffic consultants reckon diverted traffic will be “acceptable”. 

The part-closure will cost $10,000 and in February the council will ask residents and businesses on whether to include slow points in nearby streets like Alma Road, with a decision due March.


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