Coronatoon tops


• It wasn’t just the flu. Cartoon by Jason Chatfield

EX-PERTH lad Jason Chatfield has won the ComicOz award for Best Australian Original Comic for 2020 for his cautionary coronavirus comic.

The former (and still occasional) Voice cartoonist, now living it up in corona-central New York, penned the multi-page toon back in April after contracting the virus. It depicts a hellish experience lying about for more than a week, often too sick to stand. 

He wrote it as a warning for people to take the pandemic seriously, back when some were still downplaying the threat.

The ComicOz award has been around for 10 years every January 5, marking the birthday of Australian comic icon Monty Wedd. The winner is chosen by ComicOz editor Nat Karmichael, who described the process as “carefully considered and serious, and also totally subjective”.

Chatfield tells us: “Knowing the absurd volume of quality Australian comic art that came out this past year, I can only say I demand a recount. In all states.”

Chatfield also draws Ginger Meggs, and is the fifth artist to work on the longest-running Australian comic strip which is coming up to its centenary later this year. He’s also built a following as a stand-up comedian.

His full corona comic is up at:


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