Fringe leader 

Matt Storer plays a mystical guru in A Cult For You.

PERTH comedian Matt Storer pokes fun at mystical gurus in his one-man Fringe show A Cult For You.

Featuring clever jokes and the odd satirical song, the show squeezes the life of a cult leader into an hysterical one-hour performance.

“Having come from a religious background, I’ve always been fascinated by supernatural beliefs, particularly really absurd ones, and how people come to accept them,” Storer says. 

“In 2019, this led me down the rabbit hole of watching every cult documentary in existence. 

“The leaders and followers of these cults were a goldmine for satire, so I decided to channel what I’d learned into a comedy show unlike anything I’d made before.”

Storer says the character Father Hooroo was inspired by the real-life Father Yod, who founded a spiritual commune known as the ‘Source Family’ in the Hollywood Hills in the 1970s.

Yod had 14 wives and the Source Family was heavily influenced by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the astrological age of Aquarius.

The commune was funded by Yod’s successful health food restaurant on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles (the first of its kind) and he was lead singer for the commune’s experimental psychedelic rock band, Ya Ho Wha 13.

He died in 1975 after hand-gliding off a 400m cliff in Hawaii, despite having no experience of hand gliding, and crash landing on a beach.

“His ideology and the events of the show are a mish-mash of many other cults, plus some creative license of my own,” Storer says.

As part of Fringe World, A Cult For You is showing at the Old Girls School from January 15 – February 14.


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