Letters 30.1.21

Bah! Humbug!

OF all the TV programmes I have not seen, the recently broadcast  SBS series on Inside Monaco, Inside Harrods, and, I seem to recall, Inside Some Other Inane Locality Frequented by the Super-rich, take the cake for being the most incongruous and inappropriate waste of viewer time imaginable.

This is particularly the case when they are shown here in this infamous year 2020, when so many people, including millions of our British cousins, are facing almost war-time exigencies.

C Dortch
Howard St, Fremantle 
Ed says: Well said!

Pot party’s selfish intent

REGARDING “The pot party for everyone” (Voice Speaker’s Corner, January 23, 2021), Legalise Cannabis Western Australia are not progressive-minded law reformers – they are in fact a group of selfish individuals who want to inflict an extremely high-potency drug upon all the most vulnerable of society so they can ‘get really stoned’ – for fun.

Natural marijuana is at 2-4 per cent THC (the active ingredient).

Current illegal marijuana is at 14 per cent. Legal recreational marijuana (for sale in Canada) can be at 28 per cent THC.

Marijuana is currently illegal in Western Australia because we value protecting vulnerable members of society from its harmful effects. 

The Legalise Cannabis Western Australia party does not care about vulnerable members of our society being exposed to 28 per cent THC 

– they see persons ill-effected by marijuana as collateral damage.

For a decade I directly participated in the successful campaign to end imprisonment for unpaid fines. 

Over that time I met many law reformers – the Legalise Cannabis Western Australia played zero part in this important law reform. They don’t care a lot about the community in general.

Legalising (actually further regulating) marijuana in WA will result in vulnerable members of our community – eg wayward early teenagers, the mentally ill etc – having access to deliberately mind-blowing potency marijuana.

It is totally irresponsible and hugely selfish of the members of Legalise Cannabis Western Australia to advocate for something that will cause harm to the vulnerable so they can have ‘fun’.

Bruce Campbell
Via email

Protect poor neighbours to protect us

ON TV it was reported from the World Health Organisation that not 250,000, not 25,000, not 2,500 but only 25 people have received a Covid-19 vaccine in some poor countries. 

I call upon the prosperous people of the world to refuse the capitalist, the self-sighted and people of greed, to refuse Covid vaccine until the poor people of the world are vaccinated first. 

It is the survival of the world that is at risk if Covid is not captured in poor countries It will linger about the world indiscriminately killing people and economies regardless of race or belief. 

I call upon those that prosper to THINK (use your intelligence) why they must come first for Covid vaccine. 

Intelligence has no language but is the very heart of being human.

William West
Harbour Rd, South Fremantle

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